Immerse Into Nocturnal Splendour (Remastered)

by Voin Grim



Re-remastered version of the raw compilation album "Immerse Into Nocturnal Splendour" 2013
10 songs available with full download
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released January 24, 2013



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Track Name: Summon the Nocturnal Majesty
The dawn is invisible
voices from the depths
to the darkest valleys i hold my path
undeserved crown
unbless thy light
these woods with ancient glory
roots eternally hide down below
with dark spheres among the flames
the forest's soul
solace of forest
craves my empty soul
these hideous creations
but they will never get me...
my grim possessions leading the revenge
the heretical mission
horns against
with floating faces down
they soon will sink
stigmating the liar
the heresy burnes in fire
negation..of creation
the visions of mutilation
carving the lies
frustration of passion
there is no salvation
ad aeternam blasphemia
Track Name: Tyrants of Entombed Agony
Hatred streams
verge of unmitigated fraction...
the winds and the hovering retalitation
reality devoured existence
into the mighty valley to descend
stand like the ancient tree and wisdom
i invoke the darkness..
purify the nothing
against the ridiculous signs
with blasphemy to blast
blazing sodom
rapid death..
the pieces..
nails and thorns...
directioned against with scumming foams
of human pathetic flesh

tyrants of entombment agony
they descent from the flaming mount
with the frost from below
frostbitten, and northern stars
you will see no more
grabbing the flesh
pull off the skin
tightening and nihilism
make them martyrs
crowd of insignificance
in floods with wounds
glare in the darkness
start the madness

i invoke the chaos..!
i invoke the darkness..!
Track Name: I Fll the Twilight Sacrament
shattering the emerging abhorrent walls of lies
in search of the way out
always find dead end
coming undone
cinder of existence
lost Renaissance
rain path my direction
where the wisdom hides
raging storm
stay eternally in dark bounds
these spirits among
the soil of entombed
old days will not return
the rotting reality to torn
same paintings in this visions
arts of fatal end to solve
the scars wont heal
what creates, can kill
never ending maze
realisation of what will never grace
unbearable feeling of life
the more faith
the greater weights of hate
tolerance turns to disgust
denial of trust
i wont betray my resistance
to destroy this existence
i have heard the songs of the rain
when the ancient storm waged away from the pain
faithful to what i am
hatefull to what life is