Promo 2016

by Voin Grim



7-track PROMO album 2016


released March 18, 2016

Recorded at Vojfrost Recordings studio.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Reaching The Heights Of Starlit Tavrida
After years of artificial sleep
Ancestors call awakened the forces to struggle
The deep forests know my name
I unite with the night
Spirits of elder hills
Time has no limits
Only it's humid winds
Horizons glimmer over the ancient Tavrida
Here im inherent to continue the epical old wisdom
The vicious fog leads me forward to these heights which are the eternity
Through the fields to the fortress
The towers are ancient and breath the native auras
The foreign crops must be extirpated with its serpent roots
I reach the mountains from the south
Into the night with phantoms of medieval times
These pines and oaks are my shelter from the human blindness
Here i am the ruler among the silent trunks
These are the places of adoration and seclusion
Between every momentum theres an eclipse
Every fullmoon will be glorified above bewitching chants
Hail these vasts...
But these who reigned supreme, they left behind the pale traces
The stones will show the wraith
Some are gone lost in failure, some are left with victories
The hills remember everything..
Yet, i keep wandering by oneself in infinity
Track Name: Passing The Accrescent Sacred Ruins Towards The Frozen Kingdom
Once again when winter winds merge with ancient spirits
The cold embrace that covers the trees
When the grim shadows will glimpse
Frozen winter domains
I am here to return to the spellful paths
When i climb on these mountains
I slowly immerse into this cold mist
Watching the obscure skies
Before the storm comes
To reach the dark ledge of eternity
Where soon the moon rising over the cold hibernal kingdom
Before transparent waters flow down towards the stoned passages
Trees are my only witnesses
As i stand among them and the forest shows its glory
I am the watcher of these horizons
Grasping and glancing the innate splendour of hoary wisdom
Eradicate the pest doctrine of the false
As their gods fall into demise
Rebirth of the sheer might
I stand the ancient glory of nocturnal light
Track Name: Custodian Of Northern Lights
As the spectrums of skyline appear unreached
The galactic vortex opens a new dimension
Every star with different immaculacy
A northern blaze with its mighty intensity unfold
Spirit of northern blood won't fall, before the cursed empire
It's Astral immensity rises
And I shall stand and absorb the reflections of solitary celestial infinity
Morbid revenge will reign upon the cold fields
The majesty is inaccessible
Ego fills with dark, their holy shelters I will burn
In campaign of freezing woods - they will reject the extraneous parasites
Desecrate the enemy's sacredness
This is a heritage, this is revenge